Thursday, June 09, 2005

You can't polish a turd, right?

We've all heard that old saying about not being able to polish turds, right? Well...apparently you can. The problem is that all you end up with is a shiny turd.

This thought occured to me originally during Mark Lathams reign as leader of the useless whinging bastards opposition. It all came flooding back last night as I watched poor old Kim Beazley struggling hard on the 7:30 Report. You know you are going bad as an ALP leader if even Red Kerry thinks you are shit. It was like watching someone stab themselves to death. The poor bastard's has got nothing! Sad really.

I recently read Kerry O'Keeffe's book "According to Skull" which contained an interesting insight into the man. At the end of his career one of his team mates jokingly said that Kerry had done well to play for Australia because he really only a State class player. Kerry was miffed for a minute then realised the guy was probably right. He had done very well to reach those heights when he probably didn't have the level of talent necessary. It takes a big person to honestly admit their limits.

This was the problem with Crean, then Latham, and now Beazley. They have(had) risen to a position which was well and truly above their skill level and it eventually showed through.

Polished turd is still turd.

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Stumpy said...

What is I was once told “people rise to the level of their incompetence”

How many times have we seen people in charge of something who cannot or have not cope with responsibilities that the position places upon them, And I am talking about you Windsor Main.

It takes in my opinion a real big person to admit that they are wrong unfortunately many of the egos involved can’t or won’t let this happen.

Hell this rot within the ALP started with Whitlam, I mean the Immigration Restriction Act was a foundation stone of Labour (note the spelling) Party policy. Now we have politicians who have never held down a ‘real’ job, a quota for women. All university touchy feely crap from people who have no idea of the real world. To succeed you need to have the best people for the job it doesn’t matter if everyone hates them or they don’t look good the cream shall rise. Unfortunately it then can turn sour.

To me it smacks of the those Students who want to lead the workers revolution, they just want to get their noses in the trough, they believe that the spin doctoring and their supposed intellectual superiority gives them an infallible right to lead the proletariat.

First against the wall when the revolution comes.