Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Sydney Morning Herald Is Fucked.

Both Sydney papers (The Sydney Moaning Herald and The Daily Telegraph) carry stories today of exclusive polls which show Kim Beazley as preferred Opposition Leader. The Moaner doesn't publish its' figures but the Tele tells us it was a survey of only 417 people. WTF? These pollsters are nothing more than shysters. I'm no satistician but, I'm sorry folks, 417 is too small a sample. Not one of the pollsters predicted the outcome of the last election. Not even close. Yet their words of wisdom still mean headline stories.
The prize, however, goes to the Herald which still managed to turn the ALP's troubles into bad news about John Howard. Dig this shit:

"There is genuine sympathy for the ailing leader, with opinion evenly split on whether he should or should not have made a statement on the tsunami disaster while on sick leave.
But with the party suffering its worst figures in decades - primary support at a dismal 34 per cent - only half of all voters want him to remain leader.
Even more embarrassingly, the poll shows that the support of the popular Prime Minister would plummet if his opponent were anyone other than Mr Latham. Currently 62 per cent of voters choose Mr Howard over Mr Latham (34 per cent).
But asked whether to choose between the Prime Minister and "any other Labor MP other than Mr Latham", the poll shows a huge drop in support for Mr Howard to 49 per cent, with anyone other than Mr Latham only 8 per cent behind."

Give me a break!

I would rather my kids came home & said they wanted to be lap dancers than journalists!

I normally supply links to quoted sources but the Herald can get fucked. I'm not encouraging anyone to read that shite.


murph said...

Dude, among many truisms about journalists is that they are functionally mathematically illiterate.

Anonymous said...


"... with anyone other than Mr Latham only 8 per cent behind."

So, pick anyone (other than John Howard) who you think is the best, then compare them to John Howard. Now who do you prefer?

Howard still ends up 8% in front, yet it's an embarrassment???? I'd be pretty damned happy if I still ended up 8% more popular than every opponent combined!

And they wonder why people put journalists at the very bottom of the trust tables.

Splat Guy

Anonymous said...

Damn Straight Gibbo !!
The papers are never a reflection of truth but only a collection of puss lined wordings that assist the fucking mindless populus to think according to the wills and wants of the real controllers of this society …. Yep you know who they are! … Just look at who owns the media in this country.